Volunteers ring in the Year of the Wood Horse at Sydney’s Chinese New Year Markets

27 February 2014
Sydney Chinese New Year Celebration
(image: sydneychinesenewyear.com)

Volunteers of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World passed out 3,000 Truth About Drugs booklets at Sydney’s Chinese New Year Markets at Belmore Park at this year’s Chinese New Year Festival.

The festivities were in celebration of the Year of the Wood Horse. Characteristics of those born under the sign of the horse, according to the Chinese zodiac, include an unremitting effort to improve themselves while also being energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able, while the wood signifies reaching onwards and upwards and is one of the five Chinese elements, the others being fire, earth, metal and water.

Sydney is known for its diversity, with nearly half of the city’s residents born in other countries and a third speaking a language other than English in their homes. It is a melting pot with a growing population.

Like other large cities, drug use is not uncommon in Sydney. In fact, Sydney is one of the largest markets for illegal drugs in Australia. The city attracts many young people and binge drinking and experimental or recreational use of illicit drugs is significant. And beyond the party scene, drug use at home is on the rise.

Volunteers at Belmore Park distributed Truth About Drug booklets to provide readers with facts about drugs so they can make informed decisions about these substances. Response to the no-scare-tactics information is very positive. A teacher told a volunteer he already uses the booklets in his classroom and was pleased to see them broadly distributed.

Sydney’s Chinese New Year Markets are a family affair, where locals and visitors alike come together to sample Asian-focused foods and crafts. Foundation for a Drug-Free World volunteers were a welcome addition to the safe atmosphere and positive outlook for the new year.

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The Truth About Drugs program is one of the world's largest and most comprehensive non-governmental drug education and prevention initiatives. It was created by the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, a nonprofit public benefit corporation that empowers youth and adults with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free.

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